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Plans & Pricing

Today, it can take the use of up to six vendors for policy makers to carry out the full scope of their work remotely. Enter Virtual Council.

Plans and pricing for Virtual Council

Don’t settle for standardized meeting solutions

Features and functions Mainstream VTC platforms Webinar hosting platforms Online voting platforms Virtual Council
Video Conferencing
Messaging and Screen Sharing
Live Streaming
Speech Timer
Audio Fallback
Mic & Camera Control
Voting name list results
YES/NO/Abstain Voting
Assign Voting Privileges
Sign Language Support

Choose the perfect subscription for your council

Low meeting volumes

VC Pro

All the features of Virtual Council
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
100h cumulative meetings

VC Plus

All the features of Virtual Council
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
200h cumulative meetings
High meeting volumes

VC Platinum

All the features of Virtual Council
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
500h cumulative meetings

Frequently asked questions

Can I test Virtual Council as a free trial?
Yes. Virtual Council offers users a thirty-day guarantee to discover the platform before payment is taken. During this time your Customer Success Manager will be on-hand to help you make the most out of Virtual Council’s features, and can organize a supplementary trial meeting for your council to set up a test session using the tool.
How can I differentiate between members of Council, Staff, and the Public?
This is easy thanks to the user roles available on Virtual Council; (1) Participant: for those who will speak and interact directly during the meeting. (2) Moderator: used for the clerk and the chairperson, where all of the features included in Participant are added to the ability to control the meeting. (3) Operator: for the technical support person.
How can I handle the general public calling in to ask questions?
Our platform allows members of the public to join as participants in a remote setting. They can ask questions through the chat function or make a request to speak, and upon approval, address the council directly.
What kind of support/training does Virtual Council offer?
Virtual Council members are provided a single point of contact for all service and support needs. The Customer Success Manager will set up your subscription kick off meeting and work with you to schedule and complete the onboarding experience. This will include training for the Virtual Council back-end, front-end and mock meetings with the single goal of a successful transition to your new platform.