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Hybrid Council Chamber Solutions

Hybrid is the future of government conferencing. Virtual Council makes it happen.

Stay-at-home orders are finally ending. Industries across the country are returning to the office with enthusiasm, reluctance, and often mixed feelings about the idea. As the corporate world embraces a future combining the benefits of both in-person and remote work, local and special governments, too, must address the inevitable question: where do we go from here?

Yet, between the environmental impact of travel, the lower costs of home office, and the flexibility of virtual meetings, the debate is no longer “will hybrid capabilities be expected of council chambers in the future?” but “how can councils future-proof their infrastructure to facilitate this?” And unfortunately for this highly specialized industry, finding a solution that offers secure and effective ‘half-remote-half-onsite’ collaboration is not as easy.

Hybrid Council Chambers

What is a hybrid council chamber?

Let’s start with the basics: a hybrid council chamber is one that is able to host meetings whereby some participants are physically sitting in the chamber while others join them remotely via video conference. A good hybrid council chamber, on the other hand, is one that has been optimized to combine hardware and software solutions that create an equal viewing and audio experience for all participants—whether the council members are taking questions from the public, holding moderated discussions, or voting on motions.

The road to hybrid.

For councils on the cusp of going hybrid, finding the right solutions provider to support you isn’t always easy. There are many questions you will have to consider at this stage:

  1. What will a hybrid council chamber need to look like in the future?
  2. How can you make sure that the solutions you use are specialized enough?
  3. What expectations should you anticipate from remote and in-person participants?

Thankfully, Media Vision is here to help.
Our team has been empowering policy makers to run better meetings with our award-winning council chamber solutions for almost two decades. We know that no two meeting rooms are ever the same and remain committed to delivering a seamless, effective end-to-end solution for yours. Whether you are looking to improve on your current conferencing infrastructure or redesign it, we can make it happen.

The Dawn of Hybrid: How to Future-Proof Your Council Meetings

The best software for hybrid council chambers

Today, the video teleconferencing (VTC) market has become saturated with commercial options. Without the following features, however, councils seeking a lasting and reliable solution for hybrid meetings will be unable to recreate the conditions of a council chamber virtually.

Enter Virtual Council. Our all-in-one meeting platform allows policy makers to carry out the full scope of their jobs more effectively, whether they’re sitting in the chamber or at home. From audio you can rely on to the safe management of public participation, we can drive your organization’s meeting infrastructure towards a high-performing, hybrid future.

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The best hardware for hybrid council chambers

Council Chamber Solutions by Media Vision

Delegate conference systems come in all shapes and sizes. Speak to our team about the ideal option for your organization to pair with Virtual Council, or look at some previous councils we’ve worked with.

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