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Secure video conferencing at home or in your council chamber

Virtual Council Video Conferencing Feature

A secure video conferencing platform policy makers can rely on

What makes our video conferencing tool different?

Our cloud-based video conferencing system was specifically built for the government sector. As well as offering users the latest technology provided by today’s mainstream tools, Virtual Council includes a range of custom-designed features that make it the best video conferencing platform for policy makers.

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The additional features of our video conferencing system

User Roles

Virtual Council allows you to assign four roles for your meetings, each with the relevant access rights: operator, moderator, participant, and public.

How can user roles help you?

Like in-person meetings, a virtual setup requires each member to fulfill a specific function. Assigning user roles makes remote or hybrid meetings as close to having everyone sat in the chamber as possible.

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Request-to-speak list

The request-to-speak function is perfect for moderating virtual or hybrid meetings between both council members and external participants.

How can request-to-speak help you?

Orderly discussion is at the core of policy making. With request-to-speak, participants can click to be added to the moderator’s queue, from where their sound and image can be activated at the appropriate time.

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Audio fallback

Audio fallback is a feature that prioritizes your device’s sound transmission when your bandwidth is low. Because you can’t compromise on sound.

How can audio fallback help you?

In a remote or hybrid council meeting, communication is dependent on sound quality. Audio fallback allows the rest of your chamber to hear you clearly during votes or discussions, regardless of your WIFI strength.

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Speech timer

Most video conferencing platforms display the elapsed minutes of the whole meeting, but ours gives the additional option to time individual contributions.

How can a speech timer help you?

A specialized speech timer allows your moderator to monitor the conversation length of each participant that clicks to join their request-to-speak queue, much in the same way that they would for in-person meetings.

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