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Secure, accessibile communication at home or in your council chamber.

Virtual Council Reliability and Accessibility Features

Superior performance where policy makers need it most

What makes our reliability and accessibility features different?

Hybrid meetings are the future, which means that finding the right place to host them is key. Our video conferencing tool was built around the technical specs that government organizations need to carry out their jobs effectively, making it the most secure and reliable meeting platform for policy makers.

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The additional features of our reliability and accessibility settings

Low latency

Along with our echo cancellation and adjustable audio bitrate functions, low latency allows for the processing of high volumes of data with minimum possible lag.

How can low latency help you?

Video conferencing is dependent on audio quality. Low latency is perfect for public participation thanks to its ability for policy makers to reduce the sound delay between them and their listeners.

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Sign language support

Accessible via our video conferencing dashboard, Virtual Council has a built-in sign language support option enabling interpreters to join meetings and stream in real-time.

How can sign language streaming help you?

Inclusivity in hybrid or virtual meetings is essential not just between policy makers, but in public engagement. Sign language support means that participations with hearing disabilities are fully included.

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End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption is a security measure whereby only the internal participants of a meeting are able to access the messages sent via their devices.

How can end-to-end encryption help you?

We know how crucial it is for data to be handled appropriately in a government context. Virtual Council is GDPR compliant, and allows policy makers to download and share meeting reports in a secure way.

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Operator push-to-talk mic button

As one of the meeting roles assignable in the Virtual Council dashboard, operators can ensure that proceedings run smoothly from behind the scenes.

How can an operator input feature help you?

With a private chat room between operators, and the option for participants to call on their assistance with the click of a button, this is the least disruptive way for technical reps to oversee virtual meetings.

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Seamless webcam and headset integration

As well as promising superior audio quality, the Virtual Council platform is available to use with most commercial webcams, speakers, and headsets.

How can equipment integrations help you?

Virtual Council + the right hardware = the ultimate hybrid meeting experience. Speak to our team about preparing your chamber with Media Vision’s industry-leading government conferencing equipment.

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