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Moderated public participation and streaming settings.

Virtual Council Public Participation Feature

Engage with the public more safely and efficiently

What makes our public participation feature different?

One of the strongest benefits of our secure video conferencing platform is that you can run controlled meetings with external participants. No video filters, and no risk of unwanted content interrupting proceedings; Virtual Council was built to offer policy makers a safe solution for public participation.

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The additional features of our public participation system

Camera and microphone control

As a complement to our request-to-speak function, the camera and microphone control feature can be activated from the moderator’s dashboard at all times.

How can camera and mic control help you?

With camera and microphone control, meeting moderators retain full control over every participant’s sound and image, dramatically reducing the risk of unwanted content disrupting proceedings.

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No download (web)

As one of our reliability and accessibility features, Virtual Council prohibits external participants from screenshotting or downloading material.

How can a no download feature help you?

No download allows for greater security. The only content that should be published from a virtual or hybrid council meeting is the official reports available for download via the Virtual Council dashboard.

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Meeting reports in multiple formats

Sharing information with the public is simple with our meeting report feature. Simply click to download individual reports on the Virtual Council interface.

How can meeting reports help you?

Automatically generated meeting reports make the job of clerks easier when it comes to writing and publishing the minutes of a council meeting. Their format allows for easy circulation of information.

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Webcast to the public

Virtual Council’s high-quality streaming service means that members of the public can easily tune into your organization’s webcast and request to speak.

How can a public webcast help you?

Forget complicated webinar platforms or livestreaming on social media. Our solution offers external meeting participants the chance to follow proceedings and ask council members questions in a controlled way.

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