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Online voting at home or in your council chamber

Virtual Council Online Voting Feature

Integrated online voting to make quorum from anywhere

What makes our online voting tool different?

Conveniently located within our video conferencing dashboard, our electronic poll or parliamentary voting tool makes voting as easy as the moderator clicking a button. With the ability to assign voting weights and display named results on top, our solution provides the best virtual voting system for policy makers.

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The additional features of our video conferencing system

Parliamentary (yes/no/abstain) voting

Your meeting moderator can launch hybrid or virtual votes on motions quickly and seamlessly using our parliamentary, yes/no/abstain voting feature.

How can a parliamentary voting option help you?

Specialized industries require specialized tools. Ours was designed with the requirements of deliberative assemblies at its core. This means a clean, alphabetized process, as well as that crucial abstention voting option.

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Assign voting weights

Most online voting apps allow for general casting of votes, but ours offers the ability for moderators to regulate participants’ voting weights on top.

How can a voting weight option help you?

Weighted voting remains integral to policymaking. Our user role feature allows for assemblies to assign a meeting moderator, and from their interface, the voting weights for each motion can be managed.

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Display named voting results

Our voting results feature includes a summary of yes/no/abstentions in numbers, as well as a detailed breakdown of results, organized by members’ names.

How can a named voting results option help you?

In the absence of all members being able to raise their hand in a chamber, it’s essential for clerks, as moderators, to visualize voting outcomes both in numbers and by name. These can also be downloaded for sake of ease.

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Voting reports

As a component of our meeting reports feature, online voting outcomes are easily accessible and downloadable for your organization’s records.

How can voting reports help you?

Automatically generated voting reports make the job of clerks easier when it comes to writing and publishing the minutes of a council meeting. Their format allows for easy circulation of information. 

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