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Diplomacy technology for every laptop and chamber

The Features of Virtual Council

The Features of Virtual Council

Video Conferencing

User roles
Screen sharing
Document upload
Audio fallback
Speech timer
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Online Voting

Parliamentary (yes/no/abstain) voting
Multiple choice options
Display named voting results
Voting reports
Assign voting weights
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Public Participation

Moderator-managed queue
Control each microphone/camera
No download (web)
Meeting reports (multiple formats)
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Reliability & Accessibility

Low latency
Adjustable audio bitrate and video framerate
Operator push-to-talk mic button
End-to-end encryption and GDPR compliant
Sign language support
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All your council’s needs. One easy-to-use platform

Choosing Virtual Council means choosing a specialized, equal meeting experience for all participants. Unlike generic video conferencing platforms, ours is powered by two decades of delivering AV solutions to policy makers.

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