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Modernize your infrastructure for future-proof council meetings

We know there’s no shortage of mainstream video conferencing tools offering organizations a way to future-proof their conferencing needs. Thanks to our long history of delivering government AV solutions, we also know that these platforms only scratch the surface of what policy makers require to do their jobs effectively.

That’s why we created Virtual Council.

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What makes Virtual Council different?


A more effective way to run remote or hybrid meetings

Virtual Council for Policy Makers

Our platform allows council members to assign each other the role of moderator or participant. Moderators preside over the request-to-speak, speech timer and online voting features to ensure that proceedings take place in an orderly way, while Virtual Council’s impeccable audio ensures that all participants are able to hear each other clearly, whether they are sitting at home or within the chamber.

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Virtual Council for Meeting Operators

The role of a meeting operator is one that our team knows only too well. We have designed Virtual Council to allow operators to oversee all the technicalities of a meetingincluding webcasting to the public, camera and microphone control, and request-to-speakfrom behind-the-scenes. Operators can also intervene at any point via a message thread or push-to-talk button.

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Virtual Council for Members of the Public

Public participation via a laptop or mobile phone doesn’t need to be a hassle. Our platform allows constituents to join proceedings in a safe and controlled way. As well as offering high quality streaming for viewers, Virtual Council eliminates the risk of interruptions or unwanted content appearing during meetings, thanks to its request-to-speak and camera and microphone control functions. 

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Enhanced accessibility: sign language support

When it comes to public policy meetings, total participation requires total inclusion. With Virtual Council’s streaming options, you can easily include a sign language interpreter in your council meetings.

Participants can then select the ‘Sign Language’ view from their interface to watch the stream. If your organization is in need of an interpreter, we recommend using KUDO Marketplace.

Is your organization equipped for hybrid?

Media Vision has been providing city and legislative councils with conferencing solutions for two decades.

Speak to our team about revolutionizing your hybrid or in-person meetings with our award-winning AV.

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